What We Do
  • Collect assessments, maintain homeowner accounts and mail out late notices

  • Process vendor invoices

  • Administer Replacement Reserve and Operating bank accounts

  • Work with Association to prepare Budget

  • Assist Association's accountant in preparation of yearly Taxes and Audits

  • Supply Board with financial reports (e.g., Monthly Management Reports)

  • Manage correspondence between homeowners, Board members, contractors and County officials

  • Provide vendor and contractor referrals to Board of Directors

  • Generate proposals and secure contracts for Association

  • Oversee contracts and major projects and make sure work is performed accordingly

  • Perform inspections of property to ensure Covenant compliance and to maintan an attractive Community

  • Ensure cited violations are corrected

  • Process Architectural Change Requests

  • Attend Annual and regular Board meetings

  • Distribute mailings to the Community

  • Prepare Resale Certificates and Documents

  • Assist in the design and implementation of new policies for the Community

  • Work with developers during buildout phase to facilitate a smooth transition from a Developer Board to a Homeowner Board of Directors

  • Provide superior customer service and quality management service based on our knowledge and experience in the industry

  • Are directly available to homeowners and work closely with Board members to ensure informed decisions and responsive actions

Chambers Management, Inc. is an active member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).  CAI is a national nonprofit organization with a focus on educating and assisting community associations by giving managers, board members, and homeowners the knowledge they need to successfully run their communities.

Chambers Management Inc.

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